Trends – Christmas 2020

Here at Y-connection we make our own trend forecasts for each season. The trend brief is used by our purchase department, to make sure our products are always following the latest trends, our marketing department for packaging and sales tools, and also our showroom is built from the three themes of the brief.

Now it’s Christmas time and therefore we have made a trend brief for the Christmas season 2020. Here is a small teaser for you all from the three themes – we hope you enjoy them, feel free to get inspired!

This theme is mainly based on natural elements. It is about connecting with nature, even with the unfamiliar and not so popular parts. This is why we have named this theme ‘An Elfs Point of View’, because this is the way smaller creatures see the beauty of nature up close.

This is ‘Days of Yore’, because Christmas is a time for reminiscing, and indulging in enjoyable recollections of the past. It is also a time to appreciate the beauty and elegance in simplicity, and to reevaluate a spiritual mindset and the values that follows.

‘Jolly Touch of Xmas’. A playful theme with lots of colors and tactile elements, to bring out the inner child in both young and old. Don’t be afraid to be bold – be afraid to be boring!

Christmas Showroom 2020

Here is a small teaser of our Christmas showroom – it’s a regular old winter wonderland! The themes from the trend brief are used to create the overall mood and setting in the showroom. This we do, to create an amazing, virtual experience whilst exploring our products.

(The pictures and content in this brief is for inspiration and creative purpose only! The content might contain branded products and copy right pictures, none of which Y-connection owns or holds the rights to. The content must not be used or copied by a third party.)