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Journey towards more sustainable products

Sustainability has become a fundamental parameter for companies, and at Y-connection, our journey towards more sustainable products has already started. We have changed our focus and greatly desire to transform our business so that it goes in a more sustainable direction — regarding co2, general environmental considerations, and labor rights. As a result, we have changed our strategy and see it as an investment in the future, allowing us to think even more outside the box than we already do.

Our work with lighting products is already a highly regulated area. Everything we do is always well thought out, where nothing happens by chance, and we are fully aware of the requirements for our products, such as unwanted chemistry, safety, durability, and energy efficiency. Everything around this requires specialist knowledge. And at Y-connection, we are specialists.

Two young businessmen discussing something
Two young businessmen discussing something

The hot topic is recycling

Lighting products are the only thing we focus on – we do nothing else. The fact that we only have one focus means that we can use all our resources to develop lighting products, and we have the knowledge and know-how to take the next step, to become a more sustainable distributor. We know our products’ impact on nature, from production to end-of-life, and we want to take responsibility by making our products even more sustainable. At Y-connection, we have always been innovative and ambitious with product development. Therefore, we see the requirements to become a more sustainable player on the market as part of how we prefer to work. That’s what makes Y-connection relevant in the global competition. Therefore, we have added the necessary resources to our business to carry out this task. Among other things, we have hired new staff, established a collaboration with CSR Specialists and, concerning our production, we have begun the search to find sub-suppliers who can deliver more environmentally friendly products.

At Y-connection, we continuously work to make it easier for our customers to act environmentally conscious by making our products easier to recycle. The hot topic is recycling, and we focus on how our products are composed. Can the product’s construction be easier to separate with a focus on recycling? For example, we don’t glue our products if it isn’t necessary. That helps support the recycling of the finished product when they reach end-of-life.

CSR and sustainability are here to stay;

At Y-connection, we focus on supplying the market with more sustainable products within lighting.

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