Our Product Offerings

We always solve our customers’ needs with flexible and tailor-made solutions.

We have a wide range of products in each category, and a lot of them are displayed in our showroom in Viborg.

Seasonal Showroom

Seasonal Showroom

At Y-connection HQ we have a seasonal showroom of approximately 150 m2. The showroom is updated each season with the newest items, designs and technology.

Indoor/Outdoor Showroom

IN/OUT Showroom

At Y-connection HQ we have an indoor/outdoor showroom of approximately 100 m2. The showroom is loaded with the most trendy and innovative lamps and various lighting articles.

Solar Lighting

Summertime is garden time and what is nicer than some decorative or functional  solar lamps for the garden? We don’t know either. Through recent years the sales within solar lighting has kept growing. At Y-connection we offer the largest and deepest range within solar lamps. It is very important to us that the lamps are functional, decorative and fits into the demands of our customers. The development within solar light is fast growing, and one of our key points is to follow this, enabling us to advise our customers about the newest technology and trends within the solar light category. Our product range within solar contains several thousand lamps.

Christmas Lighting

The Christmas lighting selection is increasing year by year, and for Y-connection it is a very important category where we always try our best to keep up with our customers’ needs, starting from Scandinavian indoor decorative light to basic outdoor light chains. Our main focus is within basic assortment and innovation, we are always developing our product range with the newest trends and technologies. We have strong prices within basic assortment and are leading within battery-operated Christmas lighting with timer function.

Our battery-operated Christmas lighting has the longest lifetime for the markets we operate on.

Apart from above we also offer wireless control of our lighting like InfraRed, RadioFrequency, Wi-Fi and BlueTooth. We are also leading in the “real flame” technology, which makes an LED bulb look like an actual flame.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Nothing creates a nicer atmosphere in a home, than indoor and outdoor lighting. Design and trend differs from country to country. We have deep market knowledge of the markets we operate in – thus tailormade lamps are one of our core values within this category. Apart from that, our focus is to present new exciting technologies, enabling our customers to be first movers in this field.