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Supply Chain

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Supply Chain

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As a company, we focus on delivering the product that our customers expect – preferably a little more. Over time, we have built a stable and sustainable supply chain created through a solid and stable collaboration between our lighting specialists, designers, and production facilities.

While our lighting specialists and designers are in Denmark, we have established our own office in Shanghai to ensure the process from production to the products reaches our customers.
In Shanghai, we have over 20 dedicated employees who work hard every day to ensure the highest quality of our products.

Opportunities and more

At the same time, they seek out new opportunities and trends and are quick to act if problems arise or our customers have specific wishes.
These employees are also responsible for the quality control of our lighting products. All this is essential in ensuring the best quality we at Y-connection are known for with our customers. If there are customers who, via the legislation, need further control of the products, we can also provide this.

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